How To Find The Perfect Crane Rental For Your Worksite

Many cranes are available when you need a crane for your job site. Your job will be much easier if you consider the unique characteristics of your worksite and how a crane will factor into your workflow.

The Space Available

The most crucial factor to consider is the size of your job site. If you have limited space, you must rent a smaller crane, even if it has less capacity. You must fit your crane in a tight area, and the terrain might limit where you can put the crane. 


You'll also need a more durable crane for certain terrains that can handle rough conditions. A rugged terrain will require a crane with heavy-duty tires. If you're working in an area with high humidity, you'll need a corrosion-resistant crane.


Some cranes are more mobile than others. If your worksite has a lot of hazards, you'll need a crane that can maneuver around these hazards more carefully. For example, if you are working nearby powerlines, it's essential that the crane can maneuver around them safely.


Verify that the crane you're renting can lift objects high enough. You'll need a taller crane if you work on a tall building. The tallest crane of all time can reach 473 feet, and there is likely a crane capable of handling some of the tallest buildings you've ever worked on.

You'll likely need a crane to lift heavy objects. Therefore, your crane must be able to lift the heftiest thing you'll be moving. Once you have raised the object, your crane must have a radius to move it to its destination. Fortunately, the crane will come with specs that allow you to verify how much it can lift and its radius.


Once your crane is no longer in use, you must have a location to store it. Therefore, you might choose a smaller crane so it is not in the way when not in use. Or, rent a crane, give it back to the crane rental company, and rent a crane again later when you need one for a future task.

Speak with a crane rental company about the specifics of your project, and they will point you toward a suitable crane. Also, tell them how long you'll need the crane, and they'll explain how their rental period works and the pricing for renting a crane. Also, if you don't have a crane operator, you may be able to hire an independent contractor to operate the crane for you. 

For more info about crane rentals, contact a local company.