Tips For Working With A Machine Shop

Machine shops are valued at more than $40 billion because they offer so much repair and customization work to companies in several industries. Hiring a machine shop is a great idea when you have any large scale products that involve cutting, grinding, tooling, and more. You'll need the assistance of a machine shop that is competent and competitive in the industry so that your money is well spent. 

Read on to learn more about working with a machine shop for all your needs. 

Consider the work that you need from a machine shop

Figure out the specialty of the machine shop that you're considering hiring. Some machine shops service the automobile and aviation industries, while others help with the industrial process. Many of these shops also make repairs to core components in your factory, particularly, hydraulic pumps. 

Replacing a hydraulic pump, for instance, can cost you about $2,000 or so. You can contract with a company that will handle your hydraulic repairs on schedule, along with any custom machining work you have on tap. 

Outsourcing the work to a professional means you don't have to make as steep an investment into your own equipment. Purchasing your own CNC machine, for instance, might cost you $50,000 or more. Working with a shop that can outsource the work for you helps you get consistent output without having to manage or keep up with your own machinery. 

Partner with a professional machine shop that can handle all of your projects

Vet the name recognition and competency of the machine shop before hiring them. Working with contractors that are members of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) can help you verify their capability and consistency in the business. Contracting with a shop that can give you ongoing service builds continuity and guarantees you the best craftsmanship. 

Check with your operating budget to see what you can afford to pay for their services. Hiring these professionals might cost you upward of $80 per hour in many cases. Ask the machine shop to quote you their contracts and costs upfront to know what you're going to pay. 

Make use of the newest machine shop practices and technology

When you are working with a shop that uses 3D printers, you can count on speed, quality, and consistency. Work with machine shops that specialize in the newest parts. Ask about the specs of the equipment that the machine shop uses to know you're getting the best quality. Today's machine spindles have 15 horsepower and greater which gives you the raw power you need for the best outcomes. 

Consider these tips when you're looking to work with a machine shop.