Floor Tile Removal Made Easy

Tile is a great option for many areas of a home, including the bathroom and kitchen. While a durable and beautiful material, it does have an expiration date. Whether the tile is cracked, severely worn or simply no longer aligns with your home decor, there comes a time when it needs to be removed. Don't panic! With the right equipment, tile removal is something the average homeowner may be able to do on their own.

The Right Equipment

How successful you are with the task of removing tile in your home has a lot to do with whether or not you're using the right type of equipment. Without the right equipment, you could actually damage the underlayment of the floor, which only leads to lengthier and often, costly repairs. A good option is a tile removal tool that uses infrared heat technology. This type of tool easily glides over the surface of the floor, somewhat like a floor buffer.

As it rolls over the tile, it sends infrared heat throughout. This eventually weakens, or melts, the adhesive bond on the underside of the tile allowing you to easily pick it up and remove it without fear of any damage. These removal tools are typically available in a number of different size configurations so that you can choose an option best suited to accommodate the size of the job you're looking to complete.


In addition to the right equipment, it's important that you go about performing this task correctly. One of the most important things to do is to focus on a small area. This is important for two reasons. First, if you heat up the entire floor at the same time, the adhesive could re-adhere to the floor before you have a chance to remove it. You can save yourself the task of redoing a particular area by keeping your work space small.

Secondly, this will make the disposal process easier. Focusing on smaller areas allows you to remove the tile and dispose of it faster and easier than you would be able to do if you tried to remove clear the entire floor at once, which could leave a big mess on your hands.

Whether you're looking to remove tile or embark on some other project around your house, a construction equipment rental company likely has the tool you need to get the job done correctly, safely and efficiently.