Essential Mining Safety Tools for Any Mine

While mining often receives negative press when there is an accident that leads to miners being trapped, newer and better mining equipment has been able to reduce the number of these incidents. While it can vary from mine to mine, these specific pieces of equipment are almost always necessary.


One of the challenges of mining is that the mining environment can place miners in situations where they are unable to breathe. This could be due to a lack of air in general or could be due to a buildup of gases that prevent the miners from breathing enough oxygen. The miners will need self-rescuerers for when they find themselves in situations where they aren't able to breathe. These devices are intended to be used only once and the miners are expected to leave the area while using one.

Air Quality Sensors

While self-rescurers are necessary, it is best to help miners avoid such a situation in the first place. Air quality sensors and alarms must be triggered to warn miners of when the air quality has fallen below safe levels. Not only that, but these systems must be tested regularly to make sure they are functioning properly.

Cap Lights

Miners must always have adequate illumination. The minimum intensity is that of 5-foot candles, though 10-foot candles are required for shafts when drilling, mucking or scaling. Cap lights are a common tool used for illuminating a mine. The light must be a high output bulb and the cap must be very durable. Falling rubble should not damage the cap light and render it inoperable.

Refuge Centers

Refuge centers are intended to keep miners safe in the event of an emergency for at least three days. During this period, attempts will be made to rescue the miners. The environment stocks food, water, air, and equipment necessary for sanitation. These systems also must often be designed to control for temperature and humidity.

Protective Wear

Workers need to wear a lot of equipment to protect them from the environmental hazards they may face in mines. Hearing protection is necessary to protect workers from equipment that generates a lot of noise, especially diesel-powered equipment. The footwear must protect workers from extreme cold and extreme heat. Better-designed shoes provide miners with a greater surface area to help them maintain balance. Safety glasses and tough work gloves and protective clothing are also needed.

Even if your company has been mining for some time, you will want to regularly update yourself on the equipment necessary to protect your workers. Standards change periodically and as new technologies are developed to access materials that were previously inaccessible, new safety measures must also be implemented. For mining equipment assistance, talk to a professional like Don Leslie Supply, Inc.