Avoid An Air Compressor Malfunction

Air compressors are powerful tools. While they are very reliable and durable, it's important that you aren't neglecting your air compressor. There are a number of easy preventive maintenance procedures you can do on your own to prevent a malfunction.

Keep Intake Vents Clean

Make certain you are taking the time to keep your intake vents clean. Dirt, dust and other debris can easily clog the vent and cause a number of problems. If you notice that your air compressor is working harder than normal or if you are losing power from the compressor, these are typically signs that your intake vents are clogged.

Make it a point to look at your vents at least once a week to see if they need to be cleaned. If you use your air compressor in an area with excessive dust or dirt, you need to clean your intake vents more frequently.

Eliminate Moisture

It's also important to keep moisture out of the tanks. As the air that goes through the unit is compressed, it causes water to collect at the base of the tank. This is particularly true if you use your air compressor in a humid environment.

If you allow the moisture to accumulate it will cause the compressor to stop working. At the very base of the tank should be a valve that allows you to drain the liquid from the tank. As a precaution, make certain you release the air pressure from the tank before opening the valve.

Check The Hoses

Make certain that you are inspecting the hoses on your air compressor periodically as well. When it comes to an air compressor, the hoses are one of the most important components. An issue with a hose can cause the entire unit to malfunction. Examine the hoses to look for any signs of corrosion or holes.

When the hose is damaged, it can cause a leak. A leak won't just cause the unit to work harder, but it can also permanently damage the compressor. Make it a point to check your hoses at least once a month, especially if you use your compressor more frequently.

In addition to performing preventive maintenance on your own, make certain you are having all major repairs performed by a compressor service professional, such as Compressed Air Systems. A professional repair company cannot only resolve the problem for you, but also offer you helpful advice on avoiding any future malfunctions.